TranSMART Development

TranSMART Development
Evolve your genetic analysis with the power of TranSMART platform!

Big Data
for Scientists

Today there is no single turn-key standard solution that allows scientists to investigate correlations between genetic and phenotypic data. Actually, there is no such solution in clinical genomics at all. High complexity and great volume of data make this field very difficult for software developers.

TranSMART is a great open source platform that meets scientists needs. However, in order to use it efficiently, a company needs deep expertise in life sciences software development.

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Big Data for Scientists

Our areas of expertise

Why choose us for tranSMART projects?

Dedicated team

Dedicated team

WaveAccess has grown its own tranSMART development team to help you with your exceptional tacks.
Extensive expertise

Extensive expertise

WaveAccess has comprehensive knowledge in specific technologies for tranSMART development.
Modern instruments

Modern instruments

With our R&D department, we are always aware of new technologies and tools, putting effort to keep our skills up-to-date.

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